It all began when Brando was seven years old.  While visiting his Aunt & Uncle's, he heard an interesting song coming from an older cousin's room.  The song? Depeche Mode's "People are People". He requested that the song be played over & was awe-inspired by the previously unheard mechanized sound.  It was soon after this that Brando had his first record.  Behind the decks at 7 you say?  Not quite, his mother purchased the Depeche Mode album along with a requested “Beat Street - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” for his listening pleasure.  A young Brando armed with some new music gathered with friends to listen to music, break-dance, and of course play Atari!

Once High School came along, he relocated from San Diego to Indianapolis, got his hands on more music and equipment, and began making mix-tapes fusing styles of hip-hop, rap, industrial, and dance (as it was then).

Brando then moved to northwest Indiana to attend Purdue University.  At Purdue he began DJing out to the college crowd, making many friends & connections, as well as developing a fan base. As a result of a late night conversation with a friend & fellow DJ, he was given the DJ alias "Electropolis".  Always seeking that initial feeling he experienced with Depeche Mode, Electropolis eventually discovered & joined PBS (Purdue Beat Society), a collective of DJ's, producers and electronic music enthusiasts.  Through events put on by PBS & interaction with other members, that feeling came rushing back! Inspired by all the creativity, Electropolis purchased his first piece of studio equipment, the Roland MC-505 Groovebox. It was from this point that electronic music began to have more of an influence. His musical progression morphed into a then described tech-trance style and in January of 2001, Electropolis, along with a group of DJ's and producers, started the Artist-Management and Promotion company: Sunshocked Entertainment. With the close-knit interaction of this group, Electropolis was able to further cultivate his musical knowledge & skills.  He began to produce his own music & further developed his presence as a DJ in the local electronic music scene.  This eventually led to headlining DJ performances throughout the Midwest.

He recently relocated & currently resides in West Palm Beach of sunny, South Florida. Again, he sought out that sound he had grown to love and it didn't take long before he made some new friends and secured a major club residency.  With this new start, he dropped the alias Electropolis & is now Brando Ness.  His DJ sets also took on a more tech-house sound as the influential Miami style of club-centered house music crept into his ear.  As a result of this rejuvenation, his presence began to spread, earning him more residencies & guest spots throughout South Florida.

If you like a deep & hard techno sound with a twist & spritz of house, be sure to make his next appearance.

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